MANILA, Philippines — Still hounded mostly by criticisms about its plans, the Department of Tourism (DOT) maintained it would “enhance” the country’s tourism slogan.

Asked by reporters during the Kapihan sa Manila Bay media forum on Wednesday if the agency would change the current slogan, Tourism Secretary Christina Garcia-Frasco repeatedly answered: enhance.

In its statement yesterday, the DOT said it would “continue to market the country as a ‘fun destination.’” Currently, the DOT keeps its slogan “It’s more fun in the Philippines,” used since 2012.

At the same time, the agency would “also highlight that the Philippines is a destination with a rich and diverse Filipino culture that can offer substantial, immersive and purposeful experiences, perfectly matched with love and warm hospitality of the Filipino people.”

Citing studies tackling tourist trends, Frasco explained the agency has observed “people’s reasons for travel changed” when pandemic restrictions started to ease.

“People now wish to have some sense of substantive, immersive and cultural authentic experiences where they have opportunities to get to know the culture of the place that they’re visiting,” she said during the forum.

During her so-called listening tours when she met tourism stakeholders here and abroad, Frasco said she learned so much about the cultures of the country’s various tourist destinations, shown by the food, festivals and heritage, among others.

“These trends correspond very well to the assets of Philippine tourism that have yet to be fully maximized – our culture, our people, our communities,” she said.

She added the agency is “very excited to have the opportunity to tell stories through our enhanced tourism slogan.”

The DOT was at the receiving end of criticism by some sectors after the Office of the Presidential Adviser on Creative Communications launched its campaign with the catch line “We give the world our best. The Philippines” in London.

Sen. Nancy Binay said this hinted the country was willing to export its nurses since it featured Filipina UK-based nurse May Parsons, the first to administer the COVID-19 vaccine.

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